Certificate Training Programs

LCA Master Practitioner Cerificate EarthShift offers an exciting range of LCA educational opportunities for sustainability executives and LCA practitioners.

Our learning model combines theory with hands-on exercises in an interactive learning environment. All our classes (online and on-site) are taught live by expert instructors with a low teacher-student ratio that allows time for group discussion and individual questions. This format allows a high degree of independence and creative thinking such that the LCA methodology can be effectively adapted to individual needs and visions.

The EarthShift LCA training certification program is designed to couple LCA modeling skills with LCA interpretation and report writing skills. After completing the EarthShift LCA Practitioner program of study, and meeting the ACLCA prerequisites, students have the knowledge to sit for the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment LCACP exam

Our training certification program does not require courses to be completed within a minimum time period. Students may apply previously attended EarthShift courses to these certifications.To request these EarthShift LCA and SimaPro certificates, please email training@earthshift.com with the dates of prior course attendance.

We offer 15% off when all courses within a certificate training program are purchased for an individual at once. Does not apply with any other offers or discounts. 

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Certificate Description
SimaPro User Certificate

To introduce students to the concept of life cycle thinking and the ISO standard methodology for conducting a LCA, as well as to provide practical experience in the SimaPro software.

Advanced SimaPro User Certificate

To give advanced LCA practitioners hands-on experience developing and using parameters, modeling life cycle and end of life scenarios, and building a custom impact assessment method in the SimaPro software.

LCA Manager Certificate

An EarthShift LCA Manager can knowledgeably read LCA reports, direct LCA programs and apply LCA insights to corporate sustainability programs.

LCA Practitioner Certificate

Upon completing the practitioner program of study, students have the knowledge to sit for the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment LCACP exam, if they meet the ACLCA exam prerequisites.

LCA Master Practitioner Certificate

An EarthShift LCA Master Practitioner has proven that they have technical LCA modeling skills and ability to interpret and communicate LCA results within the broader business environment.