Life Cycle Assessment, LCA Manager and LCA Practitioner Training

EarthShift’s Life Cycle Assessment  training programs cover software use, data analysis and reporting. We prepare students to become both LCA managers and certified LCA practitioners

Our learning model combines theory with hands-on exercises in an interactive learning environment. All our classes (online and on-site) are taught live by expert instructors with a low teacher-student ratio that allows time for group discussion and individual questions. This format allows a high degree of independence and creative thinking such that the LCA methodology can be effectively adapted to individual needs and visions. 

The EarthShift LCA certification training program is designed to couple LCA modeling skills with LCA interpretation and report writing skills. After completing the EarthShift LCA Practitioner program of study, and meeting the ACLCA prerequisites, students have the knowledge to sit for the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment LCACP exam.

We have both online and on-site training programs that offer maximum flexibility for corporate scheduling and costs.

We offer volume discounts as well as educational discounts for all our programs.

  • Intro to LCA
  • Applied LCA in SimaPro
  • Intro to LCA in SimaPro (on-site, 2 days)
  • LCA for Decision Makers
  • Using your LCA for Internal Decision Making
  • ISO Compliant LCA Report Writing (on-site)
  • Preparing your Report for External Communication
  • Beginning End of Life
  • Advanced End of Life
  • Impact Assessment Methods
  • Creating Impact Assessment Methods
  • Environmental Mechanisms & Impact Assessment Methods
  • Recycling in SimaPro
  • Parameters
  • Costing & Social Impacts
  • Interpretation
  • Advanced SimaPro- Modeling (on-site)
  • Advanced SimaPro- Interpretation (on-site)
  • Toxicity in LCA; USEtox (on-site)
  • Consequential LCA; understanding the consequence of change (on-site)
  • Consequential LCA; hands-on (on-site)
  • New Frontiers in LCA (on-site)
  • Sustainability Return on Investment (S-ROI) Workshop (on-site)
  • Water Footprint and Water Use Assessment in LCA

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