Life Cycle Assessment Methodology

Essentially, LCA is a birth-to-death evaluation of a product, a process, an institution, a crop, or nearly anything. The principal objective of the investigation is to determine the sustainability of the subject being scrutinized.

The subject to be evaluated can be narrow (what are the consequences of using virgin material vs. recycled material to make a product A), or extremely broad (Determine the carbon footprint of our cookie manufacturing operations at our bakeries in the U.S.). Because of an LCA's ability to profile so many interrelated functions and assess them cumulatively as well as individually, it is possible to accurately represent the sustainability impacts of products or services to customers, competitors, investors, regulators or employees.

The interconnectedness of all things is not always evident, but it is, nonetheless, a reality. Using the tools and training that EarthShift provides, our clients are able to understand how to achieve positive outcomes for both financial success and environmental sustainability. They are also able to conform to the increasing number of regulatory and legislative mandates that affect market opportunities both nationally and internationally.

EarthShift's experienced consultants can lead you through scope and goal setting, data collection, staff training, and information analysis to arrive at appropriate remedial actions that will result in lower costs and reduce your environmental impacts.

This is, quite simply, the way of the future. Change is unavoidable, whether it is due to the decreasing availability of hydrocarbons or increasing atmospheric temperatures. How we manage change is the key to success or failure, and knowledge is foremost amongst the determining factors.

EarthShift is a knowledge-building resource company that creates options and opportunities to make tomorrow sustainable.