USEI Library for SimaPro


Follow the instructions below to download the US-EI SimaPro Database Update and import it into your SimaPro professional database.

You must have a valid SimaPro license through EarthShift in order to download the database. 

Please contact EarthShift to obtain access to download.  

EarthShift is the sole distributor of the US-EI database. Distribution by other organizations constitutes piracy. For more information, contact EarthShift, LLC.

Instructions for Importing US-EI SimaPro Library:

To view the new US-EI library along with all other libraries in the Professional database, the US-EI database has to be imported into the Professional database.

To import the USEI database into the Professional database - or into any other database - follow these steps:

1.    Click here to download the US-EI Database update SimaPro Backup file.  

2.   Put the file somewhere that you can find them.

3.   Ensure the file is named “US-EI 2.2backup.SPBackup” and shows as a SimaPro backup file. If it shows as a zip file, you’ll need to change the extension. If you can’t see the extension to change it, in Windows Explorer, select Tools>Folder Options and click on the View tab. Scroll down to “Hide extensions for known file types” and unclick it. You should now see the “.zip” at the end of the filename and be able to change it to “.SPBackup”

4.   If SimaPro is closed, start SimaPro.

*Multi user version: Start SimaPro multi user and close all databases.  

5.   Click on "File>Database Management>Restore" and direct SimaPro to the backup file you downloaded (this will create the database files for the USEI library – 77 numbered files ending in *.nx1). Save the database in the same folder as your primary SimaPro Database.

 a.    For single users:

                                                               i.      In Windows Vista:
C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\SimaPro\Database\

                                                             ii.      In Windows XP, 2003 Server:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\SimaPro\Database\

Note for SimaPro 8 users: Once the database has been restored, you will be given the option to open the recently restored database. Click “Yes” and then click “Yes” to convert the database (if asked).

6.   Then open the database(s) you want to update, by clicking on File>Open SimaPro Database.

  a.    For multi-users, login as Manager. As the database will be locked during import, no other users may be logged in at this time. You can check who is logged in under "Tools, User Management, Sessions."

7.   The project window will open. Open any project of your choice.

8.   Next, click on "File>Import SimaPro Database."

9.   You will be informed that a backup to your database is required. Click "Yes" to continue. 

10.   Click on "Browse" and select the “USEI” database from the list and click the "Open" button.

11.   Click the “Select all” button at the bottom left of the window.

12.   Click the "Import" button.

13.   The data will be scanned and an overview is generated of all the data that are added or replaced.

14.   Click "OK" to start the import process, the actual import will start.

15.  You will be required to backup your database. Choose a location and name for your backup file. Click "OK."

16.   A message will appear once the import is successfully completed. Note this process can take considerable time. You still need to append! 

17.   Download the append file (Use this append file AppendSubstanceMethodsUpdate733.xls if using SimaPro 7; Use this append file AppendSubstances803.xls if using SimaPro 8) in the database folder. 

18.    Click “Substances” under “General Data” and then click “Append.”

19.   Click “Load.”

20.   Locate the append file and click “Open.”

21.   Click “Yes” to this message: “Some lines are not read. Do you want to see the errors?”

22.   The substances to be appended will then be listed. Click “Ok” to append substance.

23.   Click “Yes” to this message: “Appending substances can not be undone. Are you sure?”

24.   Click “OK” to the message: “The substances are successfully appended.”

25.   Go to Libraries, under Goal and Scope, and make sure the US-EI library is checked.

26.   Repeat steps 6-25 for all the databases you wish to add the US-EI library to.       

27.   Once complete, you can use Windows to browse to the appropriate folders and delete the “USEI” database.

If you have not appended after the most recent methods update, you must perform the append after bringing in this library update. Otherwise your results will be incorrect

Click here to learn more about the USEI database (PDF)