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LCA software for measuring sustainability impact

SimaPro provides a professional, all-in-one tool for Life Cycle Management. Based on these metrics, you can make solid decisions to positively change your product’s lifecycle. SimaPro is the LCA software used by industry, consultancies, and research institutes in more than 80 countries.

The SimaPro Life Cycle Assessment Software provides you with a professional tool to collect, analyze and monitor the environmental performance of products and services. You can easily model and analyze complex life cycles in a systematic and transparent way, following the ISO 14040 series recommendations.

SimaPro stands for "System for Integrated Environmental Assessment of Products." Nowadays it is not only used for product assessment; its generic setup means its use has expanded to analysis of processes and services.

First released in 1990, SimaPro is a proven, reliable and flexible tool used by major industries, consultancies and universities. With over a thousand users in 80 countries, SimaPro continues to be the most successful LCA software worldwide. 

In-house software development and the experience of our own LCA consultants guarantee a high standard of software, data and support.