LCA Manager

The LCA Manager training program is geared at the individual that is tasked with managing a corporate sustainability program. The courses in this program will teach managers how to interpret LCA reports, direct LCA research programs, and apply insights from LCA studies to corporate sustainability programs and reporting initiatives.


Practical LCA (Online or On-site The objective of this course is to demystify common LCA concepts and principles and teach participants how to use LCA in a practical manner within their organizations. 
Communicating LCA Results To explain and demonstrate how to fairly, completely and accurately report LCA results to internal audiences.  To illustrate techniques for communicating findings that promote good environmental decision making and prevent misinterpretation of LCA results.
ISO Critical Review To provide insight into the ISO critical review process and to provide guidance on how to prepare a study document that will allow you to have a more efficient and effective review process. To demonstrate to participants how to promote their findings with persuasive LCA reports that follow ISO 14040/14044 requirements for transparent, fair, complete and accurate reporting. 


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LCA Manager Certificate Manager cert

Individuals that complete these courses are eligible for the EarthShift LCA Manager Certificate  


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