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EarthSmart is a simplified LCA tool for evaluating the environmental impacts of a Product or Service life cycle. EarthSmart is web-based, and enables teams in Product Design, Sales, Product Marketing, EH&S and others to innovate without being LCA experts.

Innovate with EarthSmart's simplified "what if..." scenario analysis

Other tools are built only for LCA experts. EarthSmart allows the LCA experts to ensure the rigor and consistency that ISO and the marketplace demands, while presenting information in an intuitive user interface that allows experts in areas other than LCA to quickly and easily ask "What if..."

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I don't want to be the bottleneck - EarthSmart enables the product design teams to analyze different materials without having to come to our team. Our team makes sure EarthSmart has the data we've collected on possible materials available to the design teams.
LCA practitioner
Global manufacturer
  • What if your sales team could show your customers a report?
  • What if your marketing team marketed your sustainability initiatives?
  • What if your R&D team changed a component or process in a product?
  • What if your EH&S team used a different chemical in your product?

Key Features

  • Quickly change materials and analyze impacts
  • Drag-and-drop interface for material selection
  • Template-based reports
  • Role-based user access

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