3Pillars Pricing and Order information

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The 3Pillars licensing model is based on usage – for organizations just getting started with the methodology of SROI we provide a single study version – this allows an organization to test the SROI method on an investment decision at a reduced rate. The single study subscription is a one year subscription with 1 facilitator and 10 participant users. The Multi-study license allows an organization to run an unlimited number of studies throughout the subscription period and includes 2 facilitators' and 25 participants users. Multiple study subscription require a one time set up fee of $1,000. 

  S-ROI StudiesSubscription    
  Single Study   $3,600   Order form  
  Multiple Studies   $7,500    Order form  
  Annual Subscription Renewal  25% of subsciption list price   Order form  








Educational Subscriptions

EarthShift offers a free 3 month trial account to Masters and PhD canidates to assist in their S-ROI studies. An annual subscription is also available at a reduced rate. Click here to check eligibility or request a quote.