1-on-1 Training

Do you want a mentor through your first LCA? Have a tough allocation question? Want help interpreting your results? Not sure which direction to go to make your design more sustainable? EarthShift is here to help you get through those tough times quickly, reducing time and resources while giving you stronger, more actionable results. We’re happy to go through your draft report to give you recommendations that can minimize the cost of the review process.

We offer 1-on-1 training for an individualized experience. This cost effective service is an opportunity for you to address areas where you need additional guidance. For example, you may wish to have supplemental training on challenging aspects of courses you’ve taken, or to have more hands-on experience designing models and projects. 

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One-on-one consulting hours were a great way to build on what I learned in EarthShift training courses and apply them to my specific projects.
LCA Practitioner


  • Getting started – 
    • Learning the LCA methodology
    • Choosing what tool to use
    • Deciding what product or industry line to study 
    • Defining the goal and scope
  • Modeling in SimaPro, EarthSmart or PackageSmart – 
    • Utilizing the tool
    • Addressing your specific modeling questions
  • Data choices and data collection – 
    • Conducting literature reviews
    • Deciding which database and data are the most appropriate for your study
  • Reporting – 
    • Choosing what type of report
    • Writing an ISO compliant report writing
    • Navigating the critical review process
    • Conducting a critical review
    • Providing interpretation assistance 
  • PCR / EPD guidance
  • S-ROI facilitation support

Pay for only what you need - these services are offered by the hour or in blocks of ten at a discount. You will be assigned to one of our sustainability analysts.

Still not sure if this service can benefit you and your project? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. 

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We will schedule the 1-on-1 time at a time convenient for you. The meeting will meet online at www.gotomeeting.com, unless other arrangements are made. We will provide you with an invitation and password a few days before the meeting.